Akiko l’amoureuse あきこの恋人


At present, whole of the world is fulled with the sad news about Covid-19. My country 日本 also can’t go out as bare-faced and these days the situation is more worsens.

For my part, as Japanese professional dancer/artist, what I could do compulsory is share the Life-energy and keep observe bunch of news.

Here’s my first worked in 2015 in Lyon that Japan-France collaborated dance arts, named Akiko l’amoureuse(あきこの恋人)by Antoine Guilloppé+Davy Brun. The music is by Kodo(鼓童)which Japanese traditional drum groupe.

I hope this tragic and sorrow world-wide situation will be decline as soon as possible and overcome virus.

Please let me know if you like it 🙂

38 Thoughts on “Akiko l’amoureuse あきこの恋人

  1. Im enjoyed with this video.. I think this is the amazing colaboration. Akiko I’moureuse the Best perform’s
    I know you have done your best
    Thanks for your share this video

  2. i enjoy to watch thank you very much
    I enjoy a lot thank you for the wonderful dance performance jin .
    Your so talented

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